Farewell, My Love Plays with Darkness While Requiem Embraces at White Oak Music and Art

Whether a band plays a full tour or a mini tour it's always an experience to behold in some shape or form. In this case it was the Where Darkness Plays Tour, about a week and a half of showcases on this brief mini touring run that brought together Requiem and Farewell, My Love.

Both acts have been up-and-comers for some time now, gaining popularity and a fan base like no tomorrow, making themselves known quite well in fact. As such, kicking things off was a second to the last date on this tour out in Van Nuys, California over at the White Oak Music and Art venue, a place where people can learn all there is to know about music, while also showcasing a side for live bands to do their own thing. Which brings us to Requiem who had opened up for Farewell, My Love, bringing on their own flare of craftsmanship.

Their stage presents is front and center, all of the band members working together, while also indicating their own personality traits, like their bassist hoping around from here to there, if not just standing in place kicking the air like he didn't care, gave him that creative edge. Whereas the guitarists sorta dueled one another, showing off each of their own techniques that kept the music flowing along. As for the drummer and vocalist, well the drummer fooled around on and off throughout the band's set, while the vocalist known as Steven Juliano formerly of I Am Ghost, kept the crowd on their feet, interacting in parts, while really embracing the music, doing his screams, clean sets, just made their whole set really come more alive than it already was, if that makes sense. All in all Requiem is definitely no I Am Ghost, but they resemble those mannerisms as they did, except provide it in an all new way and form.


Requiem SETLIST:

1. Intro
2. The Unexplainable Truth
3. Where the Hell Did the Romance Go?
4. Coma
5. Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones
6. Now or Never Days
7. Tall Tales of Vermicious Knid
8. Say Hello to the Devil for Me

Now for Farewell, My Love these guys had a brief set up, playing through their setlist of songs rather quickly. Their songs were indeed catchy, upbeat, and competitive going through a rotation of beats, tones, and rhythms, while the lyrics danced along, with each of the band mates playing along. Like these guys, took the stage over, bouncing about, singing their hearts out, while interacting with the crowd of on lookers, who were just as pleased as the band was. As such, Farewell, My Love put on a show of their own style and accordance to their abilities and crowd interaction that can enlighten whoever bear witnesses' their tactics of style and skill set.

Farewell, My Love:

Farewell, My Love SETLIST:

1. Intro
2. Mirror, Mirror
3. Portraits
4. Skip The Memories
5. Gold Tattoos
6. Make Believe
7. Just Another Star

Overall the When Darkness Plays Tour, was a darkened force meant to be reckoned with, while it was a brief run, it was one of those experiences that you couldn't avoid, let alone want to miss out on. Surely these acts are going places, just takes the time and effort that will keep the audience coming back again and again, for the performances and listening experience, however you plan to take it, they can give it.

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