Jet Black Kiss - Power of Three

Rock has been coming up with acts solo and in bands for many years now and their latest project is one called Jet Black Kiss. They got their start in 2005 going through a series of releases, showcases, tours, the whole music process and have now decided it was time to release a "Best Of" album entitled "Power of Three". This 12-track release includes all the favorable tracks, including an all new single and video to accompany it called "The Flame". This tune alone really sets up this collection of hits! "The Flame", packs that powerful punch of raw, in-your-face, material, those fast instrumentals, edgy vocal chords, it all fits to create this ball of excitement and fiery essence. While the rest of the tunes captures all that can be said and heard with Jet Black Kiss. Like take tunes like "Zombie Love", "Psycho Baby", and "I Just Wanted To Kill Her", the titles really stand out, while the material within, makes the music even more interesting. Like "Zombie Love", still packs in that punch but it's toned down a bit, whereas "Psycho Baby", really enhances that edge and punch, that "The Flame" contained, allowing "Zombie Love" to keep it alive but just right. Now "I Just Wanted To Kill Her", is another one of those tone downed tunes but it still relives the music, having it all come together as a whole full cycle if you will. Jet Black Kiss's style is crafty, edgy, and all around pure rock n' roll with that attitude of thrills and excitement for all to enjoy.

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