Wömit Angel's Announces New Album "Holy Goatse"!

Time for the second assault! Fetus raping force from the depths of satanic machinery is here! Wömit Angel's second album "Holy Goatse" will come out October 3rd through Inverse Records. Wömit Angel salutes such old values as Impaled Nazarene - Motörhead - Carpathian Forest. Music is straightforward crowbar-to-the-face sado-punk/black metal. Second album lays down even more punk/HC tunes. So sit back and listen to the soundtrack fit for Sodoma brought to you by UNHOLY AND HORNY Soul Torturing Crew!!!


 01. Serpens Cauda
 02. Skin 'n' Fuck
 03. Nekrofilian kutsu
 04. Nailgun Crucified
 05. Summoning The Spirits Of Agony (Through Self-Fatality)
 06. I Come With A Murder
 07. The Witchhammer
 08. Holy Goatse

 Vile Anarchy - Drums
 J. Violatör - Guitar & Backing Vocals
 W. Horepreacher - Bass & Vocals

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