Everto Signum Releases New Song and EP Details

Everto Signum is highly inspired by Nature. The band was formed in the beginning of 2010. By now, they have a stable line-up that consists of 3 young and creative individuals: a vocalist, a guitarist and a drummer. By 2012 they recorded and released their debut album "Enneachotomy". Musically, that album is rooted in traditional black metal, having melodic leads, atmospheric interludes and natural sounds. The lyrics narrate about fusions and confrontations of the forces of Nature, creating parallels with negative human senses and impressions. Each of the 9 songs describes a landscape/scenery and a natural force acting as a main subject.

This year, they have arranged and recorded 4 new songs released as an EP under the name "Synergy." Its lyrics introduce the concepts of synergies between the elements of Nature. Musically, it is also based on traditional black metal riffs, incorporating lead melodies and progressive elements. They went ahead and released a video for one of the songs called "Stirred Ambiance" which can be heard HERE. This EP is out now and the artwork and tracklisting can be seen below.


 1. Cold Inception
 2. Stirred Ambiance
 3. Elemental Synergy
 4. Atrae Materiae Monumentum (Lux Ferre cover)

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