Unlocking the Truth Partners With Artery Recordings

Most 13-year-olds are thinking about homework, soccer practice or what they are going to eat for lunch. Then there is Unlocking the Truth, a trio of young turks from Brooklyn who are armed with guitars and a desire to rock the hell out.

 The band is signed to The Cherry Party/Sony Music and The Cherry Party is teaming up with Artery Recordings on the marketing and promotions efforts for Unlocking the Truth. It’s an organic partnership as some of the band’s contemporary favorite metal bands are on the Artery roster and Artery has long championed Unlocking the Truth.

 While the band is in the studio recording, they’re also gearing up to headline shows in Los Angeles at the Troubadour on 9/13, New York City, The Studio at Webster Hall on 9/24 and Philadelphia at The First Unitarian Church on 9/26.  Additionally, they’re playing on the Afro Punk stage in Brooklyn on 8/24, the Aftershock Festival on a bill with Rob Zombie and Godsmack on 9/14, and they’re playing two dates with Lacuna Coil (10/7 in Lancaster, Pa. and 10/8 in Silver Spring, Md.)

 If you've yet to get acquainted with Unlocking the Truth, here's the critical intel: Unlocking the Truth are a Brooklyn-bred band comprised of three teenage friends: Malcolm Brickhouse (guitarist), 13; Jarad Dawkins (drummer), 12; and Alec Atkins (bassist), 13. They are just barely into their teens and they are already at the center of a storm of activity and excitement. With their youth and skill on their side, Unlocking the Truth could very well be the band that changes modern heavy metal.

 The boys began attracting attention with their street performances in both Times Square and Washington Square Park in New York City. They even booked a gig at Coachella earlier this year, and were the youngest group to perform.

 The band was invited by Metallica to perform at the Heavy Metal Festival in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 9 and enjoyed a slot on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.

Unlocking the Truth have also shared stages with Guns N' Roses, Mötorhead, Queens of the Stone Age, Living Colour and more. They also performed at the AfroPunk Festival.

 You're definitely already impressed by Unlocking the Truth, who have done more before they've even gotten their driver's licenses than most people do during their entire adolescence! But wait, there's more!

 Although it’s clear from their performances that they’re veritable metalheads, their performances have been praised from artists across all genres from country superstar Keith Urban, who praised them for playing their own instruments to rap icon Diddy called them "revolutionaries" in a tweet, celebrating the fact that they are "using their art to fight back and stand up." Additionally, Hayley Williams, singer for Paramore, tweeted her support, writing: "Anybody who says the future of music is doomed hasn't seen this #unlockingthetruth #deathtoallbutmetal.

 With those endorsements tucked in their back pocket, it's clear that Unlocking the Truth are the buzz band to watch in the hard rock and heavy metal scene.

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