Love and Death - Between Here and Lost

Love and Death's debut release "Between Here and Lost" kicked things off right with its array of singles from "The Abandoning", "Meltdown", and "Chemicals" having the material sound familiar as soon as the notes were played. The notes being portrayed resembled to that of Korn hence one of the band mates Brian Welsh known as "Head" is involved in Korn yet again as well as this project he's called Love and Death. So of course similarities were a no brainer. The material is so alike it's awkward at times listening to the singles let alone the rest of the album. The songs are indeed heavy quality and everything at hand is played in accordance with one another having it all work full circle if you will. Having it all come around as the album rolls right along, makes this album an exception. Yes there is Korn similarities that can be heard with style but that's to be expected supposedly. Overall this is a release that has added some additional songs to its re-release making it an enjoyable experience.

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