Dorean Lives - A Cold Fire From The One I Loved

Rock alternative duo Dorean Lives will be releasing their debut full-length release "" via Red Cord Records. Songs like "Shiver Breathe Repeat", "Sound Of Her Voice", "These Dark Matters", "The Fear That Brought Us", and "Darkest Night" are all eye-catching songs that really grasp the listener listening in because the melodies, guitar riffs, drum tactics, and vocal chords work so well with one another it's easily addictive to want to hear it all over again and again. The lyrics are very emotional at times even relatable having the listener and musician at hand connect on a level of pure passion and heartfelt feelings. The instrumentals work so well it's purely hard rock with an edge of that alternative twist making the music that more enjoyable. Dorean Lives has got something going for them and will continue to make their mark with such emotionally drawn together music.

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