Emphatic - Another Life

Emphatic when that name came across me while browsing the net, it lead me to their latest release "Another Life". This title alone gives the perfect description for these guys because the way this band is now is not how they use to be. The band that was made back in 2004 is dead and gone, now this new and improved addition takes their chances at making their debut on this follow-up to previous release "Damage". This time around the album features new frontman Toryn Green, who previously sung with rock band Fuel as well as toured as vocalist for Finnish band Apocalyptica. Three other new members, bassist Jesse “Saint” Nunn, drummer Patrick Mussack, and guitarist Bill Hudson, also made their debut on this album, making it sound more on edge and modern. The instruments and vocals work well together bringing to mind Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, and even Daughtry. All of the songs sounding alike with similar style as to those acts, making this album an easy listening experience. All in all Emphatic has gotten themselves a fresh look, sound, and momentum towards how this band will be since the past era is far behind them.

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