Black Lodge - Self-Titled

Industrial rockers Black Lodge have released their self-titled debut EP which happens to be a long road ahead of a story that needs to be told in a continuation matter. The self-titled EP is a prelude to the upcoming full-length album "The Diary of Tomahawk". The EP consisting of the first 6 songs of the full-length exposing the listener to what can be expected on the follow-up. The instrumentals and vocal chords bring all other industrial type acts currently around from Orgy to Davey Suicide to Nine Inch Nails to even some Marilyn Manson to the surface for this EP. While the lyrics are edgy and focused upon the occult and magical aspect making this have the term dark written all over it. It's an outstanding and ear catching listen making everything work for it, it's heavy yet mellow making the listening experience fun and exciting each time through. Black Lodge has gotten the playing field set-up for them and will take its course according to its plan of action - by exposing the scene with their unique style of music.

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