Cage The Gods - Favorite Sin

It seems like the United Kingdom has been turning out a good handful of acts as of late including latest and newest addition Cage The Gods with their debut EP "Favorite Sin". This EP delivers that classic rock with some rock n' roll edge on top of it. The title track, "From The Start", and "Wake Up", are all truly outstanding songs that catches what these guys are doing with their musical abilities. The instrumentals are tight and heavy yet very upbeat, while the vocals are eye catching with the melodies, riffs, and solos pushing it altogether. Cage The God's have got that rock n' roll spirit embedded within, it's just going along for the ride, providing all the right grooves and rules of what they like to call "rock" music. Fans of Buckcherry and Papa Roach will fall head first into this next generation of good old rock n' roll.

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