HIM - Tears On Tape

Razor & Tie announces the addition of the Finnish rock band HIM (His Infernal Majesty) to its North American label roster.  The band has completed work on their forthcoming new studio album, Tears On Tape.

With this happening the band's newest addition to their collection of releases turns out to be just that an addition to their extensive collection. It's all the same material when you listen to it, same formula used over once more. Guitar structure, drum tones, bass lines, vocal chords everything aligns in the right way in every way, shape, and form. Each and every song sounding just like all the rest. If you're curious as to know which songs are worth listening to there is a selective few; "Love Without Tears", "I Will Be The End Of You", "Into The Night", "Hearts At War", and "No Love". These selections alone really indicate the directional approach that HIM has set-up here. But again it is nothing but the same old material it is what the HIM fans enjoy and surly will continue to expect to hear time and time again.

Nothing more to it than that really. HIM has gone on to release a new album under a new label using the same routine of formula yet again making it be a repeat of sorts, you wouldn't have already heard of before.

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