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Colorado-based Iconocaust released their fourth D.I.Y. release in June 2012, which was produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Machine Head). The EP is a guitar-heavy, thrashy, shredfest full of tasty hooks, rich melody and energy. They are currently touring and working on their fifth release with John Moyer (Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob) and Ahrue Luster. Vocalist and guitarist Galen Stevenson the founding member of this energetic act talk of the band and there place within the scene.

1. Can I get a backstory on the band/ band biography?

Galen: The band formed originally in 2004.  We didn't actually start performing until 2005; and shortly after released our debut album, The Natural Evolution of Metal. At that point we had already replaced our bass player for the album with Jason White. Shortly after, we lost our guitar player and were forced to replace our drummer. Now as a three piece, we released The Reckoning of Man in 2007. We toured on that CD with a 2nd guitar player, but he ultimately never fully joined the lineup.  In 2008 we started preproduction with Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/ex-Machine Head) on the 3rd record.  Ahrue suggested we approach a guitar player that he had collaborated with on some solo stuff, and we brought Brian Davis into the band. He learned the songs as we were recording the album; Judas Complex was released in 2009.  His first show in the band was on tour in support of the album. In 2011, they began work on the 4th release, again with Ahrue Luster. Excidium de Gratia was released in 2012, and we toured in support of it all over the U.S., including several festival dates (Rockstar Energy Mayhem Fest among others). Late in 2012, we parted ways with our drummer and hired Chris Van Cleave and shortly after began preproduction on the 5th release with producer John Moyer (Disturbed/Adrenaline Mob) and then set out on the road once again. As it stands now, we are finalizing the songs for the studio. We will again be recording with Ahrue upon his return from tour with Ill Nino. We expect to release the as-of-yet untitled album by late summer/fall 2013.

2. How did you guys come up with your band name?

Galen: Brainstorming with the original lineup we wanted to come up with a name that symbolizes some of the fundamental principals we believe in.  Iconocaust can be translated as a 'total destruction of worshiped images'.  It can be interpreted to represent a period in religious history when Christians were fighting each other over the appropriate way to worship God/Jesus, but more to point - it represents those of us unaffected by the MTV generation. Destroying the fabric that blankets society with product placement and pop idols.  We don't write music based on trends, but rather we write what we like... and become the trend setters.

3. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Galen: It can simply be said that we write about anything we want - whatever is inspiring at the moment.  This is heavy metal, so naturally we write songs about loss, struggle, disappointment, war, injustice, and rebellion.  We try to incorporate undertones of hope, triumph, and survival because ultimately, this music is about defeating those who would fight to snuff out what they don't understand - those of us who are different.

4. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Galen: Our songwriting process is unique and fluid.  For most of our existence, I have written all the core material and lyrics.  With the last two projects, Brian has been adding more elements of his own to the mix.  On the new release we are currently writing he has a song he wrote, that has been arranged by John Moyer, myself and the rest of the band.  There is another track that has an intro piece written by our new drummer (on guitar).  So as of now, things are progressing to a point where the whole band is getting involved with the musical process.

5. What message do you want to send?

Galen: Heavy metal should have no limits. The genre as a whole is still young and growing all the time. We as a band don't try to limit ourselves by sticking to one sub-genre. We feel that metal can and SHOULD be one big, dysfunctional family.  METAL UNITED, not divided.  Break down the barriers and embrace all that is heavy.

6. What bands have influenced your band and its sound?

Galen: There are a startling number of bands that have elements we have been inspired by, transcending multiple genres (metal and otherwise).  We really enjoy collectively listening to thrash, groove, and tech-metal the most though.  We are influenced by anything with the groove, shred, and hook that draws you in.

7. Do you guys have any new music in the works?

Galen: Yup. Hopefully no later than Fall '13 for the 5th release - produced by John Moyer, recorded and mixed by Ahrue Luster.

8. How do you describe your music to people?

Galen: We like to simply say, "Heavy fucking metal!"

9. What image do you think your music conveys?

Galen: Use your imagination.... if I were to choose a tangible object?  I'd probably go with the visual interpretation of that monster-machine from Judas Priest's PAINKILLER.

10. What is your opinion on sites posting your guys material and other bands material?

Galen: KEEP IT UP!!!!  "Share the music, spread the metal!"  Heavy music needs dedicated and hard working individuals to keep getting the word out to the headbanging masses! Without websites, blogs, magazines, streaming/terrestrial radio and people on the streets we wouldn't be able to get the message to the fans that want it!

11. How do you guys feel about the classifications in metal? like heavy metal, metalcore and other subgenres and how some get a negative rep.

Galen: Go see our answer to question 5 of this interview :).

12. What is your opinion on the current state of metal?

Galen: It's growing... but there's so much more that we can do. Let's take over the world!

13. What can the fans expect to see from you in the future?

Galen: More touring, more shred!!!!  :D

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