Calabrese - Dayglo Necros

Horror punk never dies nor does it die in the form of "Dayglo Necros" the fourth release by horror punks Calabrese! This release is the follow-up to 2010's "Calabrese III: They Call Us Death" but this time around there is much difference believe it or not. With an act like Calabrese or any other horror based band whether it'd be Stellar Corpses, The Suicide Ghouls, The Misfits, their material is all the same discussing horror, zombies, vampires, werewolf's, killings, blood, gore, you get the picture. So when it comes down to "Dayglo Necros", Calabrese's traits are all there, everything is flawless from start to finish, everything just works as well as it had always had, with songs like "The Dead Don't Rise", "Ghostwolves", "Bring Us Hell", and "Damned to the Night", there is no more to be said except that these guys keep it alive and fresh each and every time.

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