Crash Street Kids - Sweet Creatures

Glam rock can be a hit or miss and it just falls short to hitting the miss mark in my ears. For glam rockheads Crash Street Kids and their latest release "Sweet Creatures" it hits the mark of horror glam rock rotating to numerous artists such as The Misfits, Calabrese, Alice Cooper, and Wednesday 13 but not that heavy. This is more of a light based horror rock album having these tunes be divided into "Acts" "Act 1" have songs such as "Asylum", "Bang, Bang! (You're Beautiful)", and personal favorite "3rd Avenue Vampires".

While "Act 2" consists of "I Become Death", and "Angel", these tracks overall have that upbeat rock n' roll rhythm that keeps it all constantly flowing like a running waterfall or stream it doesn't want to stop. The drums, bass, and vocals keep up with ease having that mellow driven melody riding right along.

Crash Street Kid is an act whose been around the block more than once being able to develop, create, and maintain their source of musical talent taking a turn for the better with this horror rock path they have directed themselves upon.

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