Love Stricken Demise - Psychotrip

Things are always BIGGER and BETTER when it comes to Texas perhaps there right but then again maybe not. In any case hard rock punks Love Stricken Demise have got the better coming and plan to be bigger than any other act from the lonestar state.

These guys have got their debut EP "Psychotrip" consist of a solid mix of tunes that really delivers the sound quality and style you can expect from a hardrock punk grundy kicking new comers such as these guys. The guitars are sleezy but heavy keeping a steady beat with impressive vocals that builds with each tune, "This Life", and "Love and Hate" go hand in hand with one another sending the music in all possible directions after listening in.

With that said Love Stricken Demise's debut EP is a solid piece of effort that is surly to cause some rough housing in one way or form after cranking this shit up!

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