Monster High Comic Con Recap 2012

Mattel's Monster High is in it's third year run at San Diego's Comic Con Convention having an array of events and activities take place from a panel discussion, doll reveals, signings, and so much more. Word has it that the creators are already hard at work on the dolls for 2014!
Roller Maze Video Game
Roller Maze Video Game
Clawdeen Wolf Roller Maze
Clawdeen Wolf Roller Maze
As for this year and next year though we are brought forth with the following characters and lines, Roller Maze is currently available but brought forth a new addition to it's line Clawdeen Wolf and will likely also feature Draculaura since both are featured on the cover of the all new Nintendo Wii and DS games "Skulltimate Roller Maze" coming out this fall. Another new line is Ghouls Rules which ties into the all new first ever DVD release coming this October - Comic Con went on to reveal the all new Abbey Bominable to be brought into the line soon as well as an extended trailer you can view HERE.

Abbey Bominable Ghouls Rule
Another line is called Scary Tales which features our infamous ghouls in an all new way having your long time favorite fairy tales be totally transformed in a monster fashion which are available now and more on the way.

Scary Tales
Abbey Bominable Scary Tales
Besides that some new characters and newer lines are coming in spring of next year, Scaris City Of Fright featuring two new ghouls Skelita Calaveras, Skelita is from Hexico and Jinafire Long, Jinafire is from Fanghai and her design is based on Rebecca’s travels around Asia.

Skelita Calaveras

Jinafire Long

While the Principal of Monster High Headless Headmistress Bloodgood, Catrine de Mew, and an all new line featuring our ghouls in Superhero style! Kicking starting the line is Spectra Vondergeist and Clawdeen Wolf as Wonder Wolf and Polterghoul!

Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
Catrine de Mew
Wonder Wolf and Polterghoul

That's all the ghostly gossip that occurred at this year's Comic Con for Monster High!

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