In what is shaping up to be the most amazing social event in the history of the human race, the Slave Pit has released their official "commercial" not only to promote the event, but to assure their warped followers that no effort is being spared to make this the greatest GWAR-B-Q ever! Shot on location and also in their top-secret studio facility, the commercial was directed by long-time GWAR slave Davis Bradley and is available for viewing at your number one source for all GWAR-B-Q information,

In case you didn't know already, Ring Dog Rescue and Slave Pit Inc. are proud to present the 2012 GWAR-B-Q, being held Aug. 18th at Hadad's Water Park in lovely Richmond, Va.! Tickets are available online at or you can pick up physical tickets at Plan 9 Records in Carytown or Vinyl Conflict Records in Oregon Hill.
There is also a ton of new info regarding set times, events, and sponsors-



One of the days premiere events is GWAR's special "Meat and Beat" session, which is available to any worthless mortal who can shell out enough for the premium ticket and will start at 1:00 PM!  Said humans will be allowed to bathe in the presence of their undead overlords, the mighty GWAR. That's right, the entire band as well as the Sexecutioner, Sleazy P. Martini, Bonesnapper the Cave-Troll, and Sawborg Destructo will be available for signing stuff, taking pictures, vomiting on you etc. in a special "Meat and Beat" session that will last just as long as it takes to kill every single one of you! But that's not all! One of those lucky humans will be picked (using super-secret "picking" technology) to actually appear on stage with GWAR and get slaughtered by them in front of their drunken friends. And if that human just happens to be a female(s) with giant boobs, then so be it!

Throughout the day raffles will be held for awesome products like snowboards from Capita, skate decks from Sined, signed band merchandise, and much, much more! The raffle tickets will be sold at the GWAR merch tent.  Winners will be announced from the main stage by a variety of infamous weirdos (like members of GWAR, the local music and art community, and visiting Cyborgs)

Winners to the raffles will be announced at 2:35. 3:45, and 5:00 from the main stage.

Every year the GWAR-B-Q holds the "Spew-O-Lympics", and in this year's Olympiad it seems more appropriate than ever to pit our fans against each other in a display of skills ranging from the drunken to the sublime. This year the "Spew-O-Lympics" will consist of three events.  The first event will be open to everyone and will be judged by longtime GWARtist and man inside of GOR GOR, Scott Krahl.

The top ten competitors in event one will move on to the "Pillow Launch", another judged event where competitors will be launched into the air by a celebrity jumper, hopefully a really fat person!

The top five high scorers from event two will move on to the final event-the "Race of Death!" The competitors will race head-to-head, carrying eggs while being showered in spew from GWAR's hideous biledriver.  The top two will go head-to-head for the gold in the GWAR-B-Q version of the "Sperm 'n Slide"!!! Then and only then the winner may claim their prize, which is going to amazing, we just haven't figured out what it will be quite yet. Maybe free tickets to next years GWAR-B-Q? Because there IS gonna be one!

1:30- 2:30 - 1st EVENT: ROPE SWING



But that's not all! We just found out that Red Bull is bringing a half pipe to the GWAR-B-Q!!! So feel free to bring your deck, you WILL be signing a release form.

This will be a NON-COOLER event. Now, before you shower your computer screen with hate, hear me out...the Slaves are working their little butts off to bring you the greatest GWAR-B-Q yet, AND in addition keep the tickets cheap. Only 25 bucks to see all of these bands is an amazing deal.  We wanted to do that because we felt like we really let you guys down last year with the last second-venue change, and wanted to make it up to you with a low door price. Plus we wanted to showcase all of the awesome food that the Richmond scene has to offer, so we have got tons of vendors with every type of delicacy you can basically we went ahead and got all the licenses to open our own bar/restaurant for the day, so we could make enough to cover the expenses of running this festival and make some money for the worthy cause of Ring Dog Rescue. The beverages will be cheap and they will be large...this is not a sit-around and grill event, this is an action-packed adventure day, full of bands and fun! This way you don't have to lug around your supplies-everything will be provided for you and will be priced for the broke-ass fuckers that many of us are. So come out and drink at the GWAR BAR, and hope we make enough money so we can do this even bigger and better next year !

Of course a GWAR-B-Q would not be complete without tons of food and booze! Here's a list of some of the vendors that have been lined up for the event:

Loveland Beer Distributors
- PBR, National Bohemian
Alamo BBQ
Thai Cabin
RVA Vegan
Rooster Cart
Mr Softee
Cakes by Eve
Taboo Girls

RVA Beard League
2BNB Bottom and Back
- @2BNB will provide bus transportation to Hadads Lake. Schedule and Location TBA

This year's GWAR-B-Q would not be possible without a slew of kick ass sponsors including:

Metal Blade Records
Red Bull
Enemy Ink Merchandise
Arnette Sunglasses
SINED Snowboards and Skateboards
RVA Magazine
McCormick's Whiskey Grill & Smokehouse
Wythken Printing
Indie Merch Store

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