Beautiful, bizarre, and brazen sonic seductress and violinist extraordinaire, EMILIE AUTUMN wants you to fight alongside her on this fall's "Fight Like A Girl" tour.  Known for her eccentric style and prodigious musical talent (she began reading notes before learning the alphabet and was already playing violin at four years old), Emilie spent her youth playing concert halls throughout the U.S. and Europe as a classical violinist before going mad, landing herself in an insane asylum and emerging as a rock singer with a murderous streak.
Taking its name from the title track and first single of her forthcoming album due out this month, the follow-up to her groundbreaking debut, "Opheliac", the jaunt officially commences on September 19th in, 2012 in Cleveland, ON and wraps up in the state she currently resides: Illinois on October 31st in Chicago.

Each show promises to be an experience. With a theatrical thread, a little classical flare, and the right dose of dirty rock 'n' rollattitude, the "Fight Like A Girl" tour will undoubtedly be EMILIE's most memorable run yet. If you're one of her affectionately dubbed "Plague Rats" or among the uninitiated, this is a sexy spectacle that's not to be missed. Beyond her violin virtuosity on stage, she elegantly strikes that effervescent balancebetween sex, violence, and English literature. Part Broadway, part burlesque, part rock concert, part history lesson, there's nothing quite like it anywhere…

"It's more brutal and bloody," affirms the ringleader with a playful grin. "There's more girl-on-girl action and glitter. The corsets are even tighter. It's become Victorian Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's a rollercoaster. You're going to feel like you’ve stepped into a dark Disneyland."

About the single, Emilie comments: "The song kicks off the record, and it's about women realizing that they are in fact 51% of the population, and learning how to take back their power. In the story, the inmates of a Victorian insane asylum for girls break free and go on a rampage against the doctors who terrorized them.  For me, 'Fight Like a Girl' means to fight like the ultimate badass you are. It's time to take back the words and phrases that are used to ridicule girls and insult boys and transform them into sources of power. If you're going to live, then fight, and every fight scene needs a good soundtrack. This record is my soundtrack. Of course, there's an overriding story arc. It's a social critique of the mental healthcare system spanning from the 19th century all the way up to the present, as well as the inequality women still face worldwide, whether they’re “crazy” or not. I’m drawing upon my own personal experience as a notoriously bi-polar person who has been committed and lived to tell the tale. Hopefully, my story will give strength to those who need it, and raise a little awareness."

The tune undoubtedly will, especially as EMILIE is set to perform it nightly as a fitting precursor to the release of the album next year.

Are you ready to join EMILIE in this FIGHT?  Tickets go on sale for all North American dates on Tuesday, July 17th!


Sept 19, 2012                        Peabody’s Downunder                     Cleveland, OH
Sept 20, 2012                        The Crofoot                                        Pontiac, MI
Sept 22, 2012                        MOD Club                                          Toronto, ON
Sept 23, 2012                        Corona Theatre                                 Montreal, PQ
Sept 25, 2012                        Royale Boston                                    Boston, MA
Sept 27, 2012                        Theatre of Living Arts                       Philadelphia, PA
Sept 28, 2012                        Gramercy Theatre                             New York, NY
Sept 29, 2012                        The Rock and Roll Hotel                   Washington, DC
Sept 30, 2012                        Kingdom                                            Richmond, VA
Oct 3, 2012                            Terminal West                                   Atlanta, GA
Oct 4, 2012                            Revolution                                          Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct 6, 2012                            The Social                                           Orlando, FL
Oct 7, 2012                            State Theatre                                     St. Petersburg, FL
Oct 9, 2012                            Warehouse Live                                Houston, TX
Oct 10, 2012                          The Door                                            Dallas, TX
Oct 11, 2012                          The Korova                                        San Antonio, TX
Oct 16, 2012                          The Glass House                                Pomona, CA
Oct 17, 2012                          The New Parish                                 Oakland, CA
Oct 18, 2012                          Colonial Theatre                                Sacramento, CA
Oct 20, 2012                          Branx                                                  Portland, OR
Oct 21, 2012                          The Rio Theatre                                Vancouver, BC
Oct 22, 2012                          Studio Seven                                      Seattle, WA
Oct 24, 2012                          The Complex                                     Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 26, 2012                          Bluebird Theater                              Denver, CO
Oct 27, 2012                          Granada                                             Lawrence, KS
Oct 28, 2012                          Fubar                                                  St. Louis, MO
Oct 30, 2012                          Station 4                                             St. Paul, MN
Oct 31, 2012                          Metro                                                  Chicago, IL

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