Static X’s Comeback with Wayne Static!

Eighteen years strong industrial metal act Static X has seen better days. Touring all over the world having various line-up changes and then some caused the band to take a hiatus in 2009. In which this would lead frontman Wayne Static to fly solo doing his thing as he had always dreamed of. But now the time has come to bring back the X in Static X. Frontman Wayne Static discussing his band’s comeback, current touring plans, and just how good it is to be back in business.

1. For the people who may not know who Static X is can you give us a brief summary?

Wayne: I’m not sure I think everyone has at least heard of me at this point. But if you never listen to heavy music at all in which case you probably wouldn’t be interested, in any case we started off in the 90s came out with my first record in 99 sold millions of records, toured the world, all of that stuff so if you like heavy music at all I’m sure you’ve heard of Static X.

2. Can you tell me the reason why you wanted to go and call the band Static X?

Wayne: It’s kind of funny I’m a big Star Trek geek so I thought Static Warp Field was cool so I shortened it to Static then added the X later on to have it sound experimental, is what we were doing in the 90s when creating a new sound we call “evil disco”.

3. Static X has been a band for 18 years how does this make you feel?

Wayne: We’ve accomplished a lot I’ve been through a lot personally, keeping the band running, line-up changes, and a few years off, did the solo project in 2009-2011 did some touring then. But now I just want to get back into doing Static X again. Right now we just want to go back on tour and have a good time.

4. How's the solo career going for you?

Wayne: My solo record turned out awesome everyone loved it. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. It’s been awarding for me to do it all by myself not having to comprise or anything like that, I just worked with myself and an engineer in the studio spent a lot of time making it. The fans loved it now I’m focusing on Static X again on this current tour that just started.

5. Have you ever thought about changing your name to Wayne Static?

Wayne: No that is my real legal name.

6. Why did you decide that now would be the time to reform Static X?

Wayne: It seemed like the right thing to do. I wanted to get out before the summer was over and tour. We got some big show offers and seemed like the right time to get everyone back together building a tour around it made sense.

7. How long does it take for you to get your hair into the style that you’re known to have?

Wayne: It takes zero time it’s only a weekly thing and it ends up staying like that.

8. You're going on tour towards the end of this summer touring alongside Prong who you said has been a huge influence to you, how does it feel to get the chance to tour alongside an act that has inspired you to do what you do?

Wayne: It’s really cool they’re going to be joining us in another week due to not being able to be with us at the start of it. But its rad Tommy is a great guitar player and it’ll be cool to have him out with us.

9. Will we be seeing new music from your solo career or Static X?

Wayne: Yeah I’m always writing so I’ve had a few months off from the last tour so I always have ideas for new music. I’m guessing maybe next year something will surface just unsure on whether it will be Static  X or my solo project. But expect to hear some new stuff soon.

10. What advice would you give to bands who want to do what you do?

Wayne: Don’t quit your day job. But it’s a real different world now than when I started back in the 90s with the industry heavy bands getting signed to major labels, making money but now it’s getting harder and harder and music is underground again. So if you’re going to do it make sure you do it for the right reasons and have a good time because the chances to make it is getting less and less because of the internet having changed how everything works these days.

11. What inspires you do to what you do?

Wayne: I just can’t help but do it. I have always been that way and if you ask that question to anyone else you’d get the same answer. The music just inspires you and everything else as well all day being able to write songs just give me ideas to make music and I just love doing it.

12. Have you ever thought of playing a prank on the audience?

Wayne: I think they would be rather confused by that. I’m not a fan of pranks and the audience isn’t aware of what’s going on when other bands on the tour do the pranks anyway. For me I want to give the audience a blazing full on evil disco set just blowing their minds with the music that they could possibly think of hearing is what I like to do.

13. What can we expect to hear from your set list on this tour?

Wayne: Yeah I always try to cover everything with this tour we're playing stuff off the first two records "Wisconsin Death Trip" and "Machine" 6 songs off each but I always try to include a little bit of everything.

14. We got this tour but what more can we see from Static X for 2012?

Wayne: We’re working on more U.S. dates this current leg ends September 2nd  so we’ll be heading back out in every other town staying out until October after a little break. Then take another break for the end of the year and pick up again in the New Year so right now it’s all about touring.

15. Is there anything else you'd like to say or add?

Wayne: No that’s about it just come on out to a show and have a good time.

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