Winx Club Auditions!

Any of you have acting aspirations, love Winx Club with a fiery passion, live near Orlando, Florida and happen to be over 18 years old by June 1st?

If you do, I have found something marvelous for you! Nickelodeon and Hardrive Productions is currently looking for actors for a Winx Club meet and greet. They are looking for actors/models to portray Bloom, Stella and Aisha. More specifications about kind of actors they are looking for is available at

More details about how to register for the audition is available at

Whatever they are planning at Nick, it sounds cool if they are planning on having live actors in this. On the other hand, don't they already have a whole cast of professional actors portraying the Winx Club girls in the cartoon? (Ahem, Molly Quinn, Keke Palmer, Alejandra Reynoso, Morgan Decker, etc.)

Well, you can definitely expect something involving a live Winx Club event with actors. I'm guessing that it might be for Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando.

Now, if you think that this might be for a movie, (which seems unlikely) you can go over to Una di noi and discuss it in their article Live-Action Winx A Possibility?

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