To Speak Of Wolves - Find Your Worth, Come Home

Metalcore misfits To Speak of Wolves latest release "Find Your Worth, Come Home" takes a step into a direction the band had seen coming from miles away. Hence their style hits the ground hard with sounding a lot like Underoath. Well founder Phil Chamberlain is Spencer Chamberlain's brother (Underoath's vocalist) so there was a good chance of seeing a similarity commence here.

 “Hivemind” kicks things off with its aggressive guitars and drum work really building up the beat having the music continue on as the album goes through its selection of tracks. Like "Veritgo", "Dialysis Dreams" and "Rearview Memories", these share their own sense of emotional content but remain true and real to the lyrics and instrumentals being played here.

It’s a mixture that goes above and beyond anything the band has previously released showcasing a future out coming from here on out. "Find Your Worth, Come Home" is an album to surly draw in fans of Underoath, Oh Sleeper, and Norma Jean.

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