City Under Fire Calls It Quits

Santa Clarita, Californians City Under Fire had released an EP called "Illusions" played a handful of shows and now gutiarist and vocalist Jason Freund posted the following message on the band's Facebook page;

"Well the cat's out of the bag. Here's my little goodbye, this band has been the best time of my life for the past 3 years, I built this band from the ground up and I couldn't be more thankful for all the friends and fans and family we have made over the past few years! You guys are honestly the best and I can't wait to see you in the future with the new band that I have been busy with these past few months! I will keep you updated on here for when I make an official page for the new band. Keep your eyes peeled so you can like the new page and get ready for some of the best stuff I have written yet! ;-) I'm so excited to start fresh but sad to see City Under Fire go. If you are anywhere near Santa Clarita come out to our last show and let's tear the place down! I love you guys! - Jason F."

You can go and read our EP review HERE and interview HERE. Hence another California act has bitten the dust....

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