Before The Broken Gets Lowdown Input Out in the Open

Up and comers Before The Broken have got a long road ahead of them and guitarist Joseph Lawless talks to me about this all new project and just who they are and what we can exactly expect from them here on out.

1. What type of band are you?

Joseph: We are a band that takes influences from diverse forms of metal.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

Joseph: It started with me wanting to make a band that was different. A band that could break away from the small towns and sub-genres. We came together in late 2011 and have just been rolling with the punches ever since.

3. Who are your musical influences?

Joseph: Personally, I fucking LOVE Asking Alexandria. They're a perfect example of what rock n roll should be. No fucks given. Escape The Fate is a big one too, Monte Money is the reason I decided to learn guitar. I can't speak for all of us but I know our drummer has a love for the blues, as he does metal. We both share a love for 80's rock, though.

4. What are your dreams and goals?

Joseph: Our dream is to become the biggest band in the world. We see no stopping point, no ceiling. We're going to prove to people that we DO have what it takes to get there. As for goals, I think it would be cool to play Warped Tour or Download one day.

5. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Joseph: The song writting usually begins with me messing around on my guitar. Once I have a solid idea of what the song will be like I present it to the band. We then build on it. Each song has a different meaning.

6. What's new in the recording of your music?

Joseph: That its us, its raw.

7. What inspires you to do what you do?

Joseph: Thats a big question to answer! We're inspired by so much, I wouldn't really know where to begin.

8. Anything else you'd like to say or add?

Joseph: Thank you to the people who have waited by us, the ones who have never given up. Also, to the people who feel like they need to hate on us. Get used to us, fuckers. We aren't going away anytime soon.

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