Black Veil Brides – Set The World On Fire

If you love or hate them Black Veil Bride's are undoubtedly enough on their way to the top just as before them KISS, Motley Crue, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Sex Pistols, the list of legends will forever reign on. Next on the list are of course these guys with their legion of followers of course, known to many as the BVB Army.

With that Black Veil Bride's has made themselves an icon as it were with the successor of their debut "We Stitch These Wounds" (2010) that launched them to the top of the charts in seconds. The material was raw snarling all around scream anthems with such tunes as "Knives and Pens", and "Perfect Weapon", there was no telling as to where this anger would end or even disperse. A year has passed and now that their second full-length is on the horizon what were the ending results?

 There is little to no anger even present on this album than there was before. The anger has been put to rest if can call it that having little to no screams except perhaps a solid few. "New Religion", contains a brief one to two screams that lasts a mere second while ballad tune "Savior" pushes the screams directly at you with its powerful impact of mellow dramatic texture just as "The Morticians Daughter" had done. "The Legacy", provides a streak of guitar work with its added screams hidden in the mix. Whereas "Ritual", becomes the next one hit wonder, to please those who believe in short very emotional content is foretold.

Now "Fallen Angels", is the first and leading single that leads "Set The World On Fire" to the top of the charts according to iTunes list. As such this tune delivers nothing but pure rock n' roll that keeps to the classic styling's that Motley Crue had done with "Shout at the Devil", or "Kickstart My Heart".

While Black Veil Bride's unique style is not what it was in the past, it is what it is as of right now and it will continue to direct its way with the beat of its sound.

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