Aiden’s Horrifying Night in Hollywood

For a Tuesday night a venue like the Key Club should be jumping with crowd anticipation. But tonight that was just not the case.  Instead it was a crowd with minors to mid-aged adults keeping a close eye on their child’s safety, for tonight would be the night of The Horror Nights Tour indicating to all that it was not a safe place.

Whilst this tour begun more than a month ago it was already drawing to a close with just a handful of dates remaining on the tour’s schedule. Unlike other tours this one showcased some acts that really kept the blood flowing. Layton, Utah-ers Get Scared jumped started the blood flow of energetic propositions with an arousing set of such tunes as "Lock The Doors", "Setting Yourself Up For Sarcasm", "If Only You Knew Voodoo Like I Do", which came off the band's self-released EP "Cheap Tricks and Theatrics" (2009) and upcoming full-length "Best Kind of Mess" expected to be released July 12th that included newer hits “Fail” and “Whore”. The crowd screamed with approval and of course with the lyrics to most of the tunes sung getting the band thrilled beyond belief.


Hollywood outcasts Vampires Everywhere! Who just released their full-length while out on this tour, “Kiss The Sun Goodbye” kept the crowd at ease from time to time singing such tunes as “Undead Heart”, “Immortal Love”, “Bury Me Alive”, and Katy Perry cover “Teenage Dream”. These blood suckers really amped things up when “Bury Me Alive”, struck with their rendition of the “wall of death” an instance where the crowd whose on the floor, is split down the middle and comes at one another pushing and shoving with all their might just as it was done in the 1995 flick Braveheart.


Seattle punks Aiden who set lasted nearly an hour flat managed to maintain a solid 19-song set list that comprised of the old and new which is in definitely always the case in the matters of releasing a new album.  Such in this case Aiden has done with the release of their fifth studio release "Disguises". In which songs such as "Horror Queen", "A Portrait of the Artist", "The Essence", and "Hysteria", whereas they included older tunes "The Last Sunrise", "Die Romantic", "We Sleep Forever", and "I Set My Friends On Fire", which also had its own take on the “wall of death” except this time the entire floor opened up and everyone went head first at one another not letting a single person stand still.


All in all it was a night of absolute horror hence the tour name.

1. The Asylum
2. Horror Queen
3. The Last Sunrise
4. Die Romantic
5. A Portrait of the Artist
6. We Sleep Forever
7. Let The Right One In (Wil played Lead Guitar and sang)
8. Crusifiction (Wil played Lead Guitar and sang)
9. Walk Among the Dead

10. Scavengers of the Damned
11. The Essence
12. Hysteria
13. I Set My Friends On Fire

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