Daybreak Ends Shall Never Parish

There is no stopping the House Of Blues (Hollywood) when it comes to the sounds of music for this venue is built of three stories two of which consist of areas where bands can show their amusing talents. For instance the third floor known as the Foundation Room has a hidden room known as the Parish Room where local acts can play, interacting with the crowd in a more personal setting than your average gig.

Tonight the Parish Room would let local go getters Daybreak Ends take center stage playing a set that lasted 30 solid minutes of non-stop hard rock. Their set took tunes off their last 2009 EP release “The Self Unseen” and consisted of much newer hits off their yet to be titled follow-up to 2007’s debut full-length “Perfect Tragedy”.

The band was hidden in disguise by masks that were of rabbits of all things, quite a cute feature but secretly layered with an aggressive trait. The songs sung included such as "All Gemini Die Young", "Before I Drown", and much newer tunes that were so aggressive half the room was left in “awe” as to what they just heard. Frontman Greg told me after the band’s performance that they were ready to enter the studio in July and get down all that needed to be said and would be releasing the long-awaited follow-up soon after.

As such Daybreak End’s performance was solid and heavy never slipping up or giving up the music passion that these musicians have been known to create. 

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