All Time Low - Dirty Work

Pop punks All Time Low formed eight years ago while still in high school, getting their start covering pop punk acts such as Blink-182.  Emerald Moon Records signed the band in 2004 leading them to release their first EP "The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End" later that year. Their first studio album, "The Party Scene" released July 2005 kept the band occupied until graduation 2006, where they signed a record deal with Hopeless Records, causing a spree of several more releases, which lead them to move on with Interscope Records and release their fourth LP “Dirty Work”.

Having worked with producers John Fields Matt Squire and Mike Green, this release saw the band on a lighter note. The material remains the same pop punk feel except it consists of a lot more “pop” than “punk”. Like on their first single "I Feel Like Dancin'", it provides a whole another appeal to their usual legion of fans, the pop essence contained is kept solid and smooth. Whereas "Do You Want Me (Dead)?" provides a more mellow approach resisting that pop feel.

"Forget About It", "Time Bomb", and "Just The Way I'm Not", expose that "punk" vibe delivering an essence that returns to the past if you will, like Def Leppard meets Blink-182, it expresses a tone of depth that’s in your face yet raw and emotional. All Time Low has indeed matured on this release and "Dirty Work" proves just that, except with maturity you can still be a kid at heart.

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