I Am Ghost Says No More!

Long Beach, Californians I Am Ghost formed 7 years ago and went on to get signed to Epitaph Records from 2005 to 2010 before splitting up for good in the summer of July 2010. The band went on to release a single EP We Are Always Searching (2005) and three studio albums, 2 being studio releases' Lover's Requiem (2006) and Those We Leave Behind (2008) while one was a live release LIVE in Orange County (2009). Three music videos followed; "Civil War and Isolation Thirst" (2005) "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps", (2006) and "Saddest Story Never Told" (2009).

Frontman Steven Juliano (vocalist) who fronted the band has also gotten former drummer Justin McCarthy to help him out on a whole another project, Requiem for the Dead.  That Steven had been working on while still involved with I Am Ghost. Well now the times have changed yet again and Juliano had this to say in regards to what is to be of I Am Ghost once and for all.

“Hello everyone, this is Steven Juliano. There are no words to describe how fucking upset I am at this very second as I type this out to all of you. It has been a misshapen, totally retarded roller coaster that has gone on the past few months. I maybe shouldn't write this in haste, but damn it, you all need to know asap on what the fuck went wrong, and why there will be, and i repeat, WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER I AM GHOST SHOW. Put a fork in me people, I am done.

Months ago, I got a call from other past members of IAG to do ONE final I Am Ghost show in Southern California. To be honest, at first, I said NO. I had no reason to want to get together with everyone else again and play these songs. The only way I would even consider it would be if ALL the original members off the EP and Lovers Requiem all got back, that I would consider it. So, after that was said, the idea got thrown away.

THEN, a month goes by, and I get this long email from one of the key members of this reunion stating that after thinking long and hard they want to do a final show. They even had great ideas of where to play, this and that. So, the final piece was put into place. We had a full reunion show. I was kinda excited...

Then, the person stopped returning our calls. Our emails. They just disappeared off the face of the earth. It was so weird. A few of us were like, "What the fuck is going on? Are you seriously doing this?" Long story short, they stopped all contact after asking US to do one last show ever. Seriously fucked up.

So, that idea fails. Another month goes by, and me and one of the past members of IAG start talking again via text and phone calls and its like, "Dude, why not do this last show? Why not have a good time and just walk on stage and play for the fans that stood by our side since 2005?" I don't hate anyone. At least, not anymore. Life is way too short to hold this sick, stupid grudge. So, the wheels start to turn and it seems that we got a solid I Am Ghost line up. Some members off Lovers Requiem, some members off Those We Leave Behind.

Now this is the fucking kicker: Everyone agreed. Everyone said YES to this date, time, and place. It was a 100% "I am in!"

So, then... as of today, I get a fucking email from one of the key members stating they cant do it. "It doesn't feel right." I would have totally respected this persons decision 100% and said "No problem mang!" if it wasnt to the point that tickets went on sale for this show a few days before. And this person knew that. That is my anger. This is my fucking pissed off rant!

I know there are tons and TONS of people who bought tickets already. It was already half sold out. I know there are fans and friends who bought plane tickets as far as from Europe! And all I can say is, i am truly, TRULY sorry.

I know I upset a lot of you by quitting I Am Ghost back in July, and for that, I am sorry. But, this was honestly the best thing for the band in the long run. I guess in the back of my head, this was my way of making it up to you all...

Now it's time for me to let this all go. I dealt the good fight. I will miss you all...”

Steven Juliano

Thank you to Ryan, Gabe and Ron of I Am Ghost for helping put together this show. Sorry it didnt work out...

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