Jack Ketch – Bringers Of The Dawn

One album down and another on the way Sacramento, Californians Jack Ketch is set to release their second album titled "Bringers Of The Dawn." Since the release of “In Articulo Mortis”, (2009) the band has focused upon perfecting their progressive source of style and sound that they have maintained to develop.

As such, the follow-up is indeed quite impressive yet precisely progressive as their inscription precedes them to be. Take for instance the opening track “The Arrival”, after a 50 second mellow introduction you immediately get thrown with this fast paced atomic wave of energy that instantly explodes upon the title track. This tune keeps the energy maintained by progressing it forward with edgy guitar riffs hard hitting growls with fast beating drum tones that it bashes it altogether. "Decimated Deputation", provides an even faster rate of beats whereas the previous tunes just held onto it.

"Hope for the Faithless", express a flip-flop effect because it turns all of that progressive and flips it upside down by presenting this instrumental track that goes down the lines of sounding just like Opeth. But as soon as this tune descends the flip-flop is put back into effect with "Gamma Ray" a concluding tune that really rattles your bones right to the core.

If Opeth and Between the Buried and Me were to ever have a baby then Jack Ketch would the new born on the scene and would forever cease havoc on our hopeless society.

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