Black Veil Bride’s Battle the Night

The World Famous Whisky a GO GO who hasn’t heard of this infamous venue, well tonight Hollywood, California would have to battle it out with the ways of music, because tonight not just one but three local bands would be battling it in out somewhat in getting the crowd’s energy pumping but who would walk away victorious? Only time will tell for sure.

Round one started off with local Northridge, Californians, A Blessing Through Tragedy a combination of hardcore meets heavy metal/rock n' roll. By doing this particular combo these young men have built a solid ground for them but has managed to kick it up a couple of notches. How so exactly? Well their lead front man Robert nails the vocal chords effortlessly well, doing guttural growls like nobody else’s business. While guitarists Matt and Kory keep drummer Josh at a very steady pace that holds the music altogether just like scotch tape. Whereas the bass player/vocalist Jordan is pulled along evening everyone else out just right.  To top it all off the guy’s kept the crowd’s energy flowing and the fun didn’t even stop there, for if it wasn’t for their sampler single “Where Are the Fans” there is no telling as to where this band would end up next.

A Blessing Through Tragedy:

Not that round one was said and done it was onto round two. So now we are brought with Rancho Cucamonga, Californian’s Scream The Dream. Now they captured the crowd’s energy and kept a firm grasp onto it taking it with them from start to finish. As soon as their set had begun it had already gotten the crowd quite energized, with such songs as "I Close My Eyes”, as well as a cover tune "Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche", by Vegas rockers Escape The Fate. Which erupted with such force it was uncommon if you didn’t catch some crowd goers bouncing up and down or pushing the people around them it was all good fun in the long run.

Scream The Dream:

Last but definitely not least is the final of the three rounds of fun filling music, brought on by yet another local act, known simply as Black Veil Brides. Now these guys broke out onto the scene just a few years ago but since then they have grown in such a mass of fans its unreal. Since the departure of former drummer Sandra Alvarenga and success of their full-length debut “We Stitch These Wounds”, the band has seen better days with replacement drummer CC. Using the formula that KISS had once done back in their day and still are rocking nowadays, Black Veil Brides manages to pull this off quite well in their signature identities of their own accord.

Black Veil Brides:

But not only has this band pulled off being musicians but has banned together an Army of their very own, tonight that Army would gather to take part of the mayhem that is the BVB Army. This get together would be taking film crews shooting all day and night for the band's first ever DVD release, documenting the world and community that has spread faster than the plague had ever done.

So the night rolled off to a good start but the conclusion would come in at a very short rate, Black Veil Brides kicked things off at 9:45 P.M. with a swarm of cheers coming from all angles as the band braced themselves for their 40 minute set-up the crowd continued to cheer and embraced the tears, sweat, and energy being lifted off the stage and surroundings. An essence of fog floated over the crowd as the black curtain hiding the band had been dropped breaking into the tune 'Never Give In", that decrypts why not to give in to anyone no matter whom it may be. "Sweet Blasphemy", rolled on along with other memorable tunes such as "Children Surrender", "Beautiful Remains", and top notches "Knives and Pens", with "Perfect Weapon" rounding off the entire night's set list.

This was the night of battle and now we know who has walked away with pride in their hands and in their hearts, taking the world entirely by storm in one single gust.

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