Luis Mojica – How A Stranger Is Made

Alternative up and comer Luis Mojica has released his latest album yet titled "How A Stranger Is Made". This album being a following of sorts, a journey if you will, that goes deep into the depths and parts of his mind and heart. Him facing and transforming unresolved pain into the bliss and freedom that he so longs for, is within the 10-tracks of this release.

With that, you get the opening track titled "Insane", detailing the expressions of loss, pain, and struggle. The melodies within is catchy but also upbeat, offering a smooth jazz aspect, with piano work's that keeps the tones in check, yet very melodramatic. A lot of the tracks following said opener, such as "Invoked", "With Love", and "Stranger Song", each provide this same type of aspect. A fusion of pop meets alternative, think the pop artist named Mika for instance. That is what is happening with Luis.

There is just so much energy, angst, and progression within the material here. A lot of driven force, that keeps the music very meaningful yet fulfilling as well. It’s as if the vocal chords, send chill’s down your body into the inner self that is your soul. Lots of momentum through and through really. The music is captivating as it is whole.

The remainder of the album, is filled with other tracks that fall along the same alignment as the one’s already mentioned prior. Same type of energy thrown together, giving off similarities that will make you wanting more. How the voice and instrumentals work together is so classy it makes the music pop-out even more so. Hearing each of the tracks play on through, makes the material seem longer yet it goes quickly, easily wanting you to hit repeat on the entire thing.

Luis Mojica’s latest album that is “How A Stranger Is Made”, is simply put vivid. He has talent and it is shown beautifully within this release. His previous and perhaps future works, being just as talented as this one is, except better perhaps.

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