Zephyra - Fall. Rise. Conquer

Swedish thrashing melodic death metal act Zephyra who released their new single "The Darkest Black" (2017) would gain success, building upon their two previously released albums "Mental Absolution" (2014) and follow-up "As The World Collapses" (2016). This would then them going on to write and record for their third album to date and release as of recently titled "Fall. Rise. Conquer", bringing with it a run of shows consisting within a tour staple, along with such energy and attitude that it is no wonder this album is getting the band even more success and notability. As such, take such tracks like "Waiting For Nothing", "Paper Crown", "A Letter For You", and "My Pain", are probably the select few that have an edge that just erupts at once. The sound of the music and vocalization clashes together so nicely, it makes the music so worth wild it is hard to resist it at all. Other examples of this would have to be the singles that came from this album "Dreams Denied", "Fånge i Frihet", and "Nothing Else Matters". These along with the others said already, are just the batch of tracks are make this album stand out as a whole. The edginess, intensity, it all consumes the listener at ears length, really showcasing a rawness unlike any other band out there. When it comes down to it, these guys sound like a mixing between Arch Enemy crossed with Nervosa. It all fits together that the similarities are unique at times. In short, Zephyra’s album that is “Fall. Rise. Conquer” is just one of those releases that stands it’s own accordance, making the band bring forth something that is familiar and similar in ways but still original too.

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