Anime Expo Returns to Los Angeles Once More, Keeping It’s Base in Place for Many Years More

During the summer of 2018 Anime Expo would make a posting upon Twitter that morning mentioning how their contract with the Los Angeles Convention Center was only good through 2019. As of it now being the case that is 2019, this year's Anime Expo would then announce their stay with the convention center for 2020 and beyond! Having the convention return for it's annual 4th of July run next summer. To those not in the know though, Anime Expo or “AX” is a convention of anime and manga of Japan, including such popular properties like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh and many others. This summer though, it would see a wide range of changes, including not bringing back Anisong World Matsuri, which had been a staple at Anime Expo since it's first edition held in 2016, going into the next years of 2017 and 2018.

Instead of this, would be other concert events in it's placing. But while that was a downside to the convention, the historic "Line Con" of the convention, even with the added effects of a new badge system, "tapping" your badge to enter and exit said event halls, and the convention itself, the mass of fans who gathered outside the convention since Day 0 the "Pre-Show" night, would be long lasting lines. Fans had gathered Day 0 having some complaints occur but Day 1 would be where everyone would be in a rut of trouble. Some individuals even facing heat stroke, while others waited as long as 6-8 hours just to get INTO the venue. It was not a pretty night, as some of these lines even wrapped around the building's more than once in some instances. 

It was official "Line Con", had returned for yet another year and many were not pleased with it's return of time and length. But after one would get into the convention all of the usual happening's would take place, such as panels, screening's ceremonies, and the numerous hall's like the exhibit hall, artist alley, and entertainment hall. Many fans were dressed in their favorite attire from t-shirts to actual full on costumes of characters. Everyone in the presents of these spots were in total glee of what to expect. Many of whom would go on to spend hundreds of dollars on merchandise alone, while others stood in the "Line Con" several times more so just to get into other events happening around the convention itself.

In the Lounge 21 spot for those 21 and over could drink and chat and see some performers take the stage, including Northern Californian's Phoenix Ash, a Japanese Rock band with an Americanized influence, who have played this convention four times, 2019 being the fourth for them, having a total approval by those witnessing their rockin performance tactics. The crowd had gathered at the front of the stage, while many others kicked back in the assorted couches and lounge sofa chairs listening and seeing the band's performance as a whole. Their set being impressive and truly Japan original really, their styling being a lot like other JRock acts like One Ok Rock crossed with The Gazette for instance. Truly in short, their set-up was a sight to see and hear, as the band finished up and would meet and greet with their fans soon after. 

Phoenix Ash:

When it comes down to it, Anime Expo is an annual staple of an event, that will continue to return during it's typical 4th of July encounter, bringing many to see it's contents of events. In short, Anime Expo is one that many may complain about but end up having a lot of fun about either way.

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