Cynthia Haring, World Nation & Sue Sue Sisters - School of Fish

Beloved children's songs and nursery rhymes have been sung and known by children and families for generations. Children's music today continues to expand with new artists, new visions, new directions and even more music creativity, as reflected by one new album, "School of Fish," by Cynthia Haring and World Nation with the Sue Sue Sisters featuring the World Nation Children's Choir.

"School of Fish" is a collection of 10 tracks that are children's songs, but not those you know. Most of the songs are originals, written in a variety of song styles. They are fun, silly, tender and loving songs for kids and really everyone else ready to listen and enjoy. The songs include such originals as "Happy Birthday Mooey," "I Just Wanna Hold a Piglet," "Cockadoodle Doo Doo," "Pouty Face," "My Little One", and "Caught Me in Rollers." These songs are among those that producer Katia Valdeos chose for the collection, and they are arranged quite well. Each song is original and unique, and all are very upbeat in tone and styling. Two cover songs also appear on the album: "Rainbow Connection." made popular by Kermit of the Muppets, and a beautiful "Heal the World/We Are the World" medley. Both songs have fresh, new arrangements and are exceptionally performed.

Probably one of the more important tracks on the album is "Song for Erza," which was written for a little boy named Ezra who passed away of cancer at age two and a half. The track is moving and rather touching and a definite knob turner that makes you want to go back again and again to enjoy the track for all it is worth. The multi-layered vocals are full of intricate, refreshing harmonies, while the backing instrumentation is beautiful and downright entertaining.

Producer Katia Valdeos has done extensive production work on this release. Her creative genius guiding performance and song arrangements reflects caring, sensitivity, and creativity throughout the album.  Let it be known that "School of Fish," in its first month alone, placed at #4 on the Billboard West Central Heatseeker Regional chart, at #7 on Billboard's Atlantic South Heatseeker Regional chart, and managed to get a Hot Shot designation at #25 on a recent Kids Album chart, competing against major companies like Disney and even popular film soundtracks.

All the tracks on the “School of Fish” release are catchy and upbeat. They are full of originality making them engaging and meaningful, as well as fun loving. The listener can surely hear how much detail and care went into creating such a fine album. After playing "School of Fish" through a few times, the songs begin to grow on you, and you find yourself wanting to hear them again with hopes of some new material from this group. Perhaps some new World Nation songs will follow in the years to come.

While digital streaming is an option, physical copies of the album may be purchased via CD Baby or Amazon. The physical album includes some fine artwork within a 6-panel CD cover and 16-page booklet with the lyrics, photos, notes, and photos of the children and musicians featured on the album, as well as a photo of little Ezra! All in all, there is a nice mix of tracks that really makes "School of Fish" special - most of all, it is an album that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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