Sabino - Yin

Sabino or SABINO has returned with an all new album titled "Yin". To accompany this release is of course a single made video of the track titled what else "Yin Yang". This Latin American artist has urban offering's that only he can create with this style of music. Which is of his own creation he calls "Sab-Hop", a Latin inspired mix of urban hip hop crossed with Spanish lyrics that makes the music soar through and through. Take for instance his single video for "Yin Yang", the song is your typical upbeat tone with urban inspirations all over it really. The added Spanish lyrics makes it more groovy to the ear, whilst all else about it make it very modernized and hip. Hoping into the number of other tracks off “Yin”, would likely bring the like as "Conmigo Siempre", "Jalo", and "Pelicula". Like the single video release of “Yin Yang”, these other tracks are a lot like it. Having similarities in the tone, being catchy, upbeat, and overall very urban inspired.   Vocalization wise the way SABINO performs the tracks is upfront and very straight forward, making his tone of voice be heard loud and clear. His vocal chords carry along with the melodies and harmonies of the tracks and music played, making it come together full circle as it fits well enough. As such, the material as it were just creates within itself, making it all be very original and not boring. It becomes more or less entertaining that you can enjoy it, with each play through. “Yin”, is a solid piece of work by SABINO and it long overdue wait period was likely well deserved upon what this release has got here.

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