Soul Dissolution Releases Video for New Track "Stardust"

Belgian’s atmospheric black metallers Soul Dissolution can finally present their video for the track "Stardust"streaming in full now!

Soul dissolution comments "Making a video for this particular song was something we were intending to do from the start, but it took a while to find the right people and locations. Eventually, we decided to do a part of the shooting in Northern Sweden, close to the headquarters of our label, Black Lion Records. It was a fantastic experience, and the epic wintry landscapes greatly enhance the atmosphere of the clip!

The "musicians" part was filmed locally, and features Acharan (vocals) and Jabawock (guitars/bass), along with our recently announced live drummer Celestial as a stand-in for Forge Stone (who lives in Australia). We chose to remain consistent with the recording lineup for this album, instead of shooting with a full live lineup, which at that point we did not yet have.

The story in the video shows the protagonist following a path of blue stones on the ground, through snowy forests of Sweden. This fits really well with the abstract lyrics for "Stardust", but more than just a representation of the song, this video clip is a great opportunity to present a strong visual image of our band to the audience for the first time. After 5 years of existence, this is yet another statement we make: This is who we are, this is Soul Dissolution."

Check out the video HERE.

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