Haitian-American rapper, THA CAPITAL G, announces his upcoming five-track EP "GIDDY", slated to release Friday, March 30, 2018.

After two years of writing, refining his voice, and recording, THA CAPITAL G will release his most personal project yet. While the Boston-raised rapper originally wanted the project to represent a theme of rebirth, the EP became a representation of who he’s always been. The title of the EP "GIDDY", came as a play on his given name (Giddens), the zeal and spirit that went into creating the project, and the uplifting mood he wants listeners to walk away with as the last few notes fade away.

Check out the EP's artwork and tracklisting!


1. Boston, Brooklyn, Beverly Hills
2. Heart Emoji
3. My Two Middle Fingers
4. Cat Got My Tongue
5. Ernest Baker

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