Crocell - Relics

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to spend it, writing and recording for an album! This is exactly what Crocell was doing, during their 10th anniversary that took place in 2017, which lead to them not just writing and recording for a new album titled "Relics", but for their first single from it as well, this one being called "Once Called Slaves". The first single is a total glimpse into what else can be found upon the "Relics" release. "Once Called Slaves", is a track that is just interesting, the style varies between sounding very black metal based, to being more death metal content, it is a hard mix-up between them. This not being a bad thing, but a thing nonetheless, as being shall we say just entertaining? That is what this material is for the most part really. Crocell's style is heavy, raw, and progressive in tone, that it makes their music become edgy and fierce. Upon the "Relics", album, other tracks besides said single, are quite alluring, such as "Black Death Redemption", "Tombworld", "Plague Altar", "Liar's Labyrinth" and "World At Its End". When listening in and the album as a wholesome truths, you get an imagine of them sounding a lot like Dimmu Borgir crossed with Dark Funeral mixed with Immortal, the vocalization being quite frank, yet familiar, as the instrumentals coming from the guitar, bass, and drums, being just so gripping, it made the music more lasting. In other words, the material just was where you could expect the likeness of black and death metal to go, as far as quality and sound. Crocell is an act of its kind, being unique, yet remains original but has a familiarity to them as well.

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