Half Past Eight - Of Loss and Belief

Half Past Eight shortened to HPE was founded back in 2011, since then the band has gone on to release their debut EP "Instability" as well as go on to write and record for their debut full-length album titled "Of Loss and Belief".

This album dealing with a variety of content ranging from dealing with the afterlife, handling the losses and differing going beyond imaginations altogether. While this album is good to go the band's choice of genre is not one to be assigned, because as they say, it is not easy to assign them with a specific genre of metal, because of so many influences taking effect of course. So when listening in you get a mixture of the metal genre, as well as other genres to which includes thrash metal, death metal, groove metal and some use of punk rock playing a role as well. Thus, combining everything together you get quite a combination of material, ranging from the lyrical matters to the actual music. These guys truly just bringing it with their all for all it's worth.

That said, the actual material of content as far as the music, is very heavy friendly, while the vocal chords are brutal yet intense throughout. Instrumental wise the music is as the vocals, just as heavy if not more brutal, in terms of formatting. In short, the material is by far just heavy duty, raw, emotional, and downright aggressive in tone. Lots of progression is put into effect here, making a lot of the tracks such as "The Black Tides of Styx", "Forsaken and Divided", "Memoria", "Saligia" "Totentanz" and 'Afterlife", to be hard hitting both musically and lyrically.

In other words, all that is found upon this album "Of Loss and Belief", is material worth listening to and embracing as a whole. Half Past Eight have given it their all, when writing and recording this album, it showcasing their expressions well. If hard and heavy is what you aim for then by all means this is it.

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