The Lotus - Perfect Love

Guilt is never good, because it is meant to be bad. Which makes love mixed with guilt to be not very good for either. What this means is that "Perfect Love", is the latest track taken from the act that has no genre but does in the long run. This being of course The Lotus, whose genre mixing's are dark wave, goth, metal, and rock, if not more than that, because their style alone brings out these genres within their number of releases. "Perfect Love", is just the latest offering, that is a song talking about love and desire, going through an unusual path that is guilt as mentioned prior. In the way of how "Perfect Love", is set up is how or who can really tell us what love is, no one really knows for certain. Only you as a person can really understand the truths, thus by sharing and understanding of it all, will make you be put in your place of knowing. As for the music that comes with this single, it is a lot like the other releases, having the similar vibes going onward. An upbeat tone, catchiness, with lots of flare to sprinkle upon the mixing of the music. Likely the music both vocals and instrumentals are just present making the track become more visual than anything else. It then becomes a track that is stunning yet fun at the same time. The Lotus' "Perfect Love", being a track to those who like to think about things, this one giving you plenty to think about.

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