The Lotus - Mars-X

"Mars-X", is a track that is inspired by the "Mars-One" project which was led by Dutch researcher Bas Landsorp and SpaceX, that was created by Elon Musk who imagined a hypothetical colonization of Mars by humans in the near future. That said and done, there this track is by The Lotus, an act whose genre doesn't specify which genre they belong in. But after listening in to such a track, it is likely to be that they are in the alternative, dark wave, goth, metal, rock scene. With that big a expansion of genre capability, these guys have got style and flare, that make their music embracing yet adoring as well. When listening in to the vocals alone, they set you into their whole another world with the instrumentals being the backing of the music, making it all blend together. Creating such a uniqueness that it brings the music to life. If not that, then it just creates this sense of feeling of emotion, that makes the music entertaining yet gripping that it moves you. It becomes enjoyable through and through, not wanting you to ignore it, but cherish it more or less. That is how The Lotus takes on their music, it making those who hear it, feel things.

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