Joensuu Riihimäki - Highwater

Finnish trio Joensuu Riihimäki have released what is their third full-length album to date. This being titled "Highwater", as it takes on the band's roots with style, bringing out that rock/Americana sound to a newer level of fun and adventure! That you heard rightly, this release is chalk full of timeless tunes, that captures the restlessly times of good old rock music, with that dash of Americana essence. A blend that works together like peanut butter and jelly! As far as these genres go, it sounds like country mixed with rock n' roll, not country to where your getting annoyed by it, but it sounds decent enough, that it is still rather catching and still fun to hear. You begin to find yourself enjoying it, like such tracks as "Keep On Marching", "I've Not Heard?" and "The Lake", are likely the more upbeat types, being very mellow yet still groovy in their own accordance to the music. Like how the instruments and vocal chords combine together, you get those guitar riffs, solo working's as well as drum and bass structure that just build up,  as the vocal chords tag along, making everything run smoothly, that it just sounds fine and decent. In the end, Joensuu Riihimäki's album that's "Highwater", is a decent release with loads of efforts thrown together, that make the material of the music, being crisp and well cut, that it is welcoming to any listener of the rock n' roll kind.

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