Society's Plague's Joe Talks About Music, Shows, and Cake!

Epic metal band Society's Plague got started a little over a decade ago, since then, have played shows, released content, and have even new material on the way, in the form of an album titled "Call To The Void", with more shows in pursuit! Guitarist Joe Royer talks about this album, shows, and even cake?

1. Give a brief rundown on the history of Society’s Plague, the music, members, how did it all come together as a whole?

Joe: We played our first show in 2006, released an EP in 2009, and our first full length in 2010. We took a hiatus between 2013 and 2016 and just recorded a new full length album late last year.

2. How did you end up with the name Society’s Plague? What is the plague of society that is wrecking havoc?

Joe: Funny story.  When I first put together the band while I was in high school, we came up with some names and voted on them.  Society's Plague was the winning name.  The funny part is that no one that is currently in the band, or has been in the band for the last 10 years or so voted for that name.

3. Society’s Plague has signed with Eclipse Records, tell me more about that?

Joe: We signed with Eclipse Records a few months ago and we are very excited to release our new album with them. They have been nothing but helpful and insightful so far.

4. Give in more detail, some information about your new album "Call to the Void"?

Joe: The new album, "Call To The Void" is a shift musically and lyrically from our earlier work. It is much darker, as well as more defined than our last album.

5. How does one "Call to the Void", can they call the void or do they need to text the void instead?

Joe: It is highly recommended that you do not call or text the void!

6. Besides this album "Call to the Void", what other sources of material, have you released thus far?

Joe: We had an EP, "The Mercy Untold", released in 2009, and a full length album, "The Human, The Canvas" released in 2010.

7. Where can we buy or stream said music by your guys?

Joe: Our music is available to buy or stream on all major music sites, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, and more.

8. What about connecting with you guys as a band, which sites can you turn to to find out more about you?

Joe: You can look us up @societysplague on all major social media sites or @societysplagueoffical on YouTube. I personally recommend looking us up at Instagram for maximum goofy pictures.

9. On one of your Facebook posts, you say "If you've wondered how we write such amazing songs and stay productive at practice." then have several hash tags of "cake" including "metal cake", what makes cake metal? How do you make metal cake?

Joe: Well Step 1 is using my amazing wife to make a cake that is half brownie and half white cake. Step 2 is having your local metal band eat said cake. Step 3 is using your newfound cake energy to have band practice.

10. Now that you opened the metal cake door, are you going to run with it, metal cake merchandise!

Joe: That is a pretty good idea.  We already had plans to print up Metal Burrito shirts, so we could have a whole metal food merchandise collection.

11. What else does the band have got in-store for this year that is 2018?

Joe: Our new album, "Call To The Void", comes out later this year on April 27th 2018.  We will be playing a string of shows around the country to support its release.  Be sure to check us out at for the latest show updates to see if we are coming near you!

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