Metal trio OWL MAKER have teamed up with Doomed & Stoned to premiere their new track "Ride With Aileen", a song about infamous serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

The band commented "Serial killer Aileen Wuornos has been a subject of media fascination since the '90s, profiled in several film and TV documentaries and also the 2003 movie 'Monster.’ For those unfamiliar with her story, Wuornos had a miserable and traumatic childhood. She grew up to live on the fringes of society, working as a prostitute and committing robberies and fraud to support herself. One night in 1989, she killed a john in what seems like a plausible story of self-defense…and just kept on killing. Wuornos was eventually convicted of six murders and was executed in 2002.

The song "Ride With Aileen" is narrated from Wuornos’s perspective. She has spent her life being abused and betrayed; in her eyes, every time things are starting to work out, she is double-crossed and discarded yet again. Now she’s taking her revenge – but (most of?) her victims are not the ones who deserve her skewed justice.

It’s hard to say why a person like Wuornos is captivating – perhaps it’s because she was a particularly violent female killer, or because her childhood trauma makes her appear pitiable. Anybody who’s ever watched an episode of 'Forensic Files’ knows that prostitutes are often targets for violent predators; Wuornos turned the tables on that pattern, to say the least. But whatever it is that makes this psychopathic character compelling, one thing is certain: you don’t want to take a "Ride With Aileen."

Listen to the song here: http://doomedandstoned.com/post/170876532208/owlmaker.

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