Insolvency - Antagonism of the Soul

Insolvency have not been a band for very long, but since forming sometime ago, they have gone on to release two different debut releases. The first being their self-titled EP debut, with the follow-up being their first full-length album titled "Antagonism of the Soul". Thus with that, they have taken into their genre pool, combining the likes of hardcore, metal, with melodic metal to create a genre known to many as metalcore, which brings out the reality of which is Insolvency as a whole, both in style, sound, and band in general. Hence forth, this debut album, is a lot like their previous debut EP, but instead of it being a fresh take on who they are then, this is who they are now.

Like this album was already glimpsed upon with the two single releases that came in the form of videos, for the tracks called "Black Moon" and "Death Wish", which both come off this album. The two tracks do their fair amount of damage as it were, gaining quite a popular and buzz about them. The tracks being fierce, competitive, yet edgy in all the right places. Such as loads of guitar riffs, drumming blast beats, with well mannered bass lines, that just brings the vocalization to its core element of surprise and point. In short, these two tracks are the ones that made the right choice in terms of becoming singles then videos for this album. They bring it, with how they make Insolvency sound. But as for the rest of the other material that comes off of "Antagonism of the Soul", there are a number of other tracks that make the cut. These ranging from "Tears Of The World", "Violation", "Hope", and "Your Lost Soul", are probably the more likely to become the next set of singles, if not at least one out of that bunch. Each of which, has great promise, bringing on that same structure as the singles before them had done, lots of power, progression, edgy vibrations with a whole lot of momentum, that moves the music in such a flow it becomes flawless.

Granted, Insolvency's debut album that is "Antagonism of the Soul", is something of being included among the many other metalcore melodic acts in existence currently. This act having a release such as this one, being a great addition to the many others within these genres of choice, being one to not forget about so soon.

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