NateWantsToBattle Breathes New Life Into Duet Version Of “Attention” by Charlie Puth

Nathan Sharp – YouTube sensation, singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter, and voice actor best known as NateWantsToBattle – has revealed his latest cover of Billboard Top 5 hit and song of the summer “Attention” by Charlie Puth exclusively on Fuse. Sharp recruited fellow YouTube star and voice actress Cristina Vee to add a dual perspective to Puth’s jaded track.

When asked about deciding to cover “Attention,” Sharp stated:  "[It] seemed like a very different but somehow appropriate song for me to cover. I don't venture out into the pop realm too often on my channel and when I do I normally put a rock twist on it. I recently started working with Cristina Vee on music so when I heard the track, the timing seemed to really fit. Not to mention it's a Top 40 song that comes from an amazing artist whose origins were also on YouTube. Plus it's a banger of a track! There were just so many aspects that made covering this one a no-brainer."

Fans can watch the video now, here:

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