Moe Green's Eyes - Fast Radio Bursts

It is always an artist's or band's dream to be in that spot light upon that stage, performing until their hearts content is full and focused. In the case of Moe Green's Eyes who have only been performing live for a couple of months, their time is now as they are being called upon left and right. Even so their EP debut "Fast Radio Bursts", makes their material sound live when it is not. That is already being quite impressive.

Nevertheless though "Fast Radio Bursts", is an EP of sorts that brings forth the sound and quality of Moe's Green Eyes you would expect from a new comer like this act to be. Whilst they may be a new comer to the scene, their sound is true blue material. Speaking of sound, their genre choice is a combination of classic rock crossed with 80's new wave that makes it just classy. In terms of the tracks off this EP, it is hard to place which one, is worthy of a mention because they are all quite good. One of the more tracks that stands out the most, would likely be the track "What About Time".  It is simply one of those tracks that takes you aback when hearing it. You find yourself trying to pin it to sound in similar fashion to someone you have heard before but you just cannot do so. That is what makes Moe Green's Eyes music so much fun. It has got a lot to offer in range of upbeat tone, catchy patterns with an overpowering sense of being unbelievable.

"Fast Radio Bursts", is one EP that will have you listening in more than once, because of the impact the music has on you as a whole. It provides so much for you that it is hard not to miss it, but be pleased by it, that is what this music does for you, because it is Moe Green's Eyes doing it!

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