Josh Birdsong - Complex Context

Josh Birdsong is like many, an artist in the form of music. As an independent singer/songwriter he has built a unique and genuine style and sound for himself. His debut efforts came in the form of two singles "Secrets" and "Taxi" both released in 2014 which would later lead to his debut EP "Simple Geometry" (2016). Now one year later since this EP release he is already ready to release his follow-up EP "Where The Light Bends" with its leading single "Complex Context".

Like his previous works before "Complex Context", is another wisdom of wonder to hear. It brings forth the same formula as the previous content except has a more well rounded feel and sound going for it. It has this elemental rhythm going for it, that keeps his melody of music choices unlimited and flawless. The tone to this track is really ever flowing, it sounds easy going, very uplifting and upbeat really. It is one of those tracks you could hear be played off in animated film or even television series, perhaps a drama based type even.

His vocal chords and work on the guitar is superb, really clear and crisp to the listen to. That it never skips a beat, but breathes it inward, letting it out slowly, that you get an experience of slow paced work. It is as if the music is going in slow motion when it is really not doing that at all. Lyrical-wise on this track is very focused and direct. The song goes into details about being complex, not really knowing what to expect or knowing of what will happen is really what it sounds like, hard to tell.

Whatever the case though, Josh Birdsong has such potential that his past works and new works embraces his raw talent as a songwriter and performer as well. He may become known as an icon at some point, but for the time being he is currently an icon in the making, progressing his skills of talent, by excelling his music and lyrics as best as possible. It can go without saying that his ways of expression has resulted him to be set apart from a lot of the other artists doing what he is doing. His style does bring in quite the influences from an array of acts, he has taken appreciation from like such as John Mayer, Morrissey, James Taylor to even Tycho, all of whom can be heard upon his works.

"Complex Context", off his EP "Where The Light Bends", is one solid piece of work. He has got a lot to offer with this single track alone. You get that glimpse of exposure to knowing what will be expected on it. You hear the developments and improvements made upon this track. There is really no other way to describe Josh Birdsong's works except all that has already been said about it. Perhaps if at that wondering as to why his name is "Birdsong", but then again birds do like to sing, as it is in their nature to do so. So maybe that is why he goes by Josh Birdsong, for he is as free as a bird himself.

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