Inertia is showing off their skills in their new Kingdom Hearts 2 themed video, “Sanctuary.” The cover video features lead vocalist Dillon Forst playing an array of instruments to create an innovative alternative rock version of the track, originally heard as the theme of Kingdom Hearts 2. Although an original Japanese track, Inertia proves that inspiration and musical talent can transform any track, as Forst used his personal love for the Kingdom Hearts franchise to rearrange “Sanctuary” to fit Inertia’s genre and style. About the cover, lead vocalist Dillon Forst states:

“I wanted a chance to showcase my ability to play all the rock instruments and do a great job covering one of the songs from a franchise that changed my life. Disney, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts helped shape me as a person and a musician growing up. This song will be part of our deluxe album release of our debut album "The Process.” The music was originally written by Utada Hikaru, but I re-imagined it with alternative rock, Inertia and male vocal perspective in mind. I hope this does justice to the Disney, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts Franchises.”

Check out the video right HERE.

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