American Idol alum Camille Peruto is back with a brand new music video for her single “Silent Melody,” a track off her latest LP “From The Sea To The Sky.” Combining elements of folk, pop, and rock, Peruto creates a unique blend of sounds that is both comforting and pleasing to the ear. “Silent Melody” is a stand out track on the LP, due to it’s mainstream capabilities and more pop-based tendencies. Although the track does not contain Camille’s usual folk stylings, it doesn’t fall short. Fit for summer, “Silent Melody” could easily be heard on any pop radio station, and the music video doesn’t fail in creating a perfect, warm visual for this time of year. About the track, Camille states:

“This song was written many years ago. Since I wrote it, I have tweaked the words pretty often. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted it on the album due to fear that it would feel dated. That was until I brought it into the studio. The musicians I worked with were incredible and did something so special with this song, and it feels extremely current. It is probably my favorite song on the album.”

Check out the video right HERE.

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